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At Thank Que Grill, our focus is on flavors that tell stories
and sharing incredible food that brings people together.
Our mission goes beyond the plate - it's a journey that unites
individuals through the taste of homestyle cooking
and the vibrant tapestry of Filipino cuisine.

We get it - expressing gratitude isn't always straightforward 
But guess what?
the answer can be as easy as swinging by Thank Que Grill.

So why not let your gratitude take the form of taste?
At Thank Que Grill, we are all about helping you to say
"Thank you with Thank Que Grill"
turning appreciation into a modern and unforgettable dining experience.
Welcome to Thank Que Grill, where every bite is a journey
and every meal becomes a cherished memory.



Hello Friends,

We're here to authentically share the flavors of the Philippines with our entire community, one delightful dish at a time.


Meet Chef/Owner of Thank Que Grill, Rene Lontoc, AKA Chef_AlldayRene. 
He's a true flavor enthusiast on a heartfelt mission.  Rene's goals is simple: to bring a taste of home to his fellow Filipinos and introduce the authentic flavors of the Philippines to entire community through his culinary masterpiece -
Filipino-Style BBQ.



"Say Thank You With Thank You Grill"

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